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Fondationonvoff launches 500 days and proposes to governments a global spread.
Fondationonvoff is a brand new Foundation based on the social network communication system. Totally innovative on his approach to raising awareness of the world’s citizens. Fondationonvoff is a driver on new approaches to the fundamental principles of the right to human existence, ie the inalienable right to human existence, bringing together several factors on the respect for human relations, nature, animals, biodiversity, the protection of the environment for a new human conquest of « living together ». The developed countries must guarantee the care of the developing regions, ensure renewable energies. Establish a civil security mechanism, both on financial solidarity and on the commitment of states to ensure the sustainability of its citizens, particularly health, food. New technologies can help ensure the implementation of an agricultural balance for Emerging countries: it is a question of an equitable order of law for the good progress of the human evolution, thus, to support and to quickly engage a world energy transition, guarantee of peace and security.

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